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DAYA MK Developers
Devana Halli, Bangalore
Karnataka - 500065, India
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About Us

"Daya MK Homes, leading provider in residential flats and apartments in Bangalore Founded in 1994, Daya MK Developers is a leader and one of the most highly recalled and respected builders and property developers with an impeccable track record of ‘On Time’, ‘On Budget’ and ‘Futuristic’ credentials in the country.
Located in south Bangalore, India’s IT Capital and Garden City has benefited immensely from our team of architects and technology experts with years of experience catering to all segments of the society. From our first project - Sai Magan in Puttaparthy, Andhra Pradesh - our approach has been guided by the same ideology - to provide customer satisfaction.
Today, we have to our credit, 16 plus completed projects spread across the cities of Puttaparthy, Bangalore and beyond.
These projects have helped establish our name as the ‘Commercial and Residential Home’ Developers of repute.
We rely on a rock solid foundation built and nurtured over the years by our visionary entrepreneurs - Smt. Varsha Raj Urs and Sri. Sridhar Raj Urs - the pillars behind our remarkable success.
At Daya MK Developers, we begin with a promise - to deliver quality. Then rely on the great expertise in Real Estate and Construction that we have at our disposal to help realise our clients’ dreams, provide facilities with futuristic ideas, and lasting aesthetics.
So you understand why we have redefined range in the industry - From Possibility to Reality.
Bangalore Real Estate, a place to invest and Daya MK not only offers you residential apartments and flats at best rates but also helps you in getting a home loan at good interest rates from different banks.
Daya MK Homes, leading and best provider in residential apartments. Daya MK Homes, Builders, Promoters and Developers in Bangalore REAL ESTATE.
Our Mission : - (i) We aspire to research and constantly update ourselves with modern as well as ancient sciences of architecture such as ‘Vastupurusha’.
(ii) We aspire create projects that offer high value to our customers.
(iii) We strive to provide excellent services with respect to customers’ stratification.
(iv) We help meet and exceed Daya MK Developer’s clients’ expectations through accountability, hard work and constant pursuit of the highest standards of quality.
Core Values: - Integral to our way of functioning is the nurturing of good inter-personal relations, both in terms of its customer satisfaction, and very importantly, constructive interaction between the employees and the management.
Total involvement, integrity and commitment are the cornerstones of the success of Daya MK Developers. The company then and now believes that sustainable growth lies with the people at the helm of the affairs of the company. These ideals epitomize the value systems at Daya MK Developers (P) Ltd.
The Team: - The dedication to our employees’ training, development and sound financial practices has ensued we have a strong, experienced in-house team, a record of integrity and the requisite expertise to meet any needs. The level of professionalism is evident the moment we take up a project, the initial identification of the requirements, analysis and planning, deployment and the execution of the task at hand. The team is always right on target, providing regular updates, and receptive to feedback and modifications, if any.
Daya MK Homes, leading and best provider in residential apartments. Daya MK Homes, Builders, Promoters and Developers in Bangalore REAL ESTATE."

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