Vijay Shanthi Builders Limited, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Vijay Shanthi Builders Limited
Vijay Complex, No 3, Blackers Road, Mount Road,, Chennai
Tamil Nadu - 600002, India
Contact No.: - 044-2858233
URL: -

About Us

For over two decades, Chennai, South India's largest City has witnessed a dramatic transformation in it's people's lifestyle. We, at Vijay Shanthi have been privileged to play a constructive role in this mammoth evolutionary exercise. We are a professionally managed company that has placed client satisfaction above all else. We have a commitment to excellence that greets our customers at the doors of every Vijay Shanthi home, each day of the year.
With "Housing for ALL" forming the under lying vision of the group, Vijay Shanthi will continue offering luxury at affordable prices to discerning citizens.
In fact investing in a Vijay Shanthi home spells assured appreciation of property year after year, thanks to the efforts we take to hand over CLEAR TITLE homes delivered ON TIME with NO COST ESCALATION to worry about. What more... every building has completion certificates obtained from CMDA or the Corporation.
Not surprising then, we enjoy a reputation for quality which you can always bank on. Commitment towards quality that is endorsed by major housing finance companies and institutions helping bring your dream house into the reality of today.
Come. Discover your beautiful home a range of prices, sizes, amenities and locations.

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