Electronic Water Proofing

In generally all of them having electronic device in their home to protect that devices from water we want to maintain some electronics waterproofing methods are follows:
Water has long been the enemy of electronic devices like cell phones and laptops. Non-waterproof components typically feature shapes not conducive for rubber o-rings or other forms of sealing. Enter the Ion Mask coating from P2i. Allegedly designed to repel toxic vapor and fluids from military fabric, the coating has been found easy to apply to electronic surfaces, offering a non-conductive solution to sealing water away from sensitive components. It works by chemically bonding itself to the circuitry for a permanent, waterproof coating.
Have you ever spilled something on your computer? It's not a pretty sight but now a new product promises to make all of your electronic gadgets, from your laptop to your cell phone, completely waterproof.
Historically, water and electronics have been worst enemies.
"Occasionally, people drop them in the toilet but this isn't going to be a problem anymore," said Sid Martin of the Northeast Maritime Institute, which has created a product called the Golden Shellback Splash Proof Coating.
A waterproof electronic appliance has a casing including a bottom panel, a top panel, and a side wall which is divided into an upright wall adjacent to the bottom panel and a vertical wall adjacent to the top panel. A first double-sided adhesive tape is adhered on a top end surface of the upright wall. A second double-sided adhesive tape is adhered on a bottom end surface of the vertical wall. A cable including signal lines and a tube covering the signal lines, extends from inside to outside of the casing through the upright wall and the vertical wall. The first and second double-sided adhesive tapes adhere to an outer surface of the tube sandwiched between the upright wall and the vertical wall, and the adhesive tapes adhere to each other in an area adjacent to the sandwiched tube.
A spray-on coating one thousandth of an inch thick provides protection for your electronics. The coating doesn't come cheap, but will be on sale in a few months. The worst part about being the owner of the latest high-end gadget is you get so paranoid about having it that you encase it in a protective cover that completely hides the object of your affection, not to mention that it increases the bulk of the thing. Golden Shellback Splash Proof Coating makes all that unnecessary, from water at least. The good quality of spray makes your gadgets waterproof. The coat is barely noticeable and causes water to roll off just like a "duck's back. Sometimes the spray may protect electronics from water, but it will not keep water out if the drag is not sealed. Water will still get in, and along with water comes sand.

The thick formula fills gaps, it is high impact and water resistant, easy to mix and requires minimal surface preparation.
Note: Please protect the spray from the person under the age of 18.