Vastu for Plots

Vastu house facing is an essential step in the basic building construction. The Vastu directions are an important deciding factor in the architecture and house layout as per the house facing. The shape of the plot and the facing both affect the Vastu Architecture followed for construction on that site.
Vastu Plot Shape: - The Shapes of the Plot recommended as per Vaastu Shastra are: square, rectangular, Sherdah (wider in the front as compared to rear) and Gaumukh (wider back). A Sherdah shaped plot is ideal for business and factory settings whereas a Gaumukhi plot is good for residential setting.
Vastu Plot Facing: - The suitable Vastu Plot Facings are Northeast, Northwest, Southeast and Southwest. A northeast-facing plot is a good location for homes, factory and office. A northwest-facing plot is ideal for trading, business and industrial set-ups. A southeast-facing plot is favorable for chemical, petrochemical, electricity-related businesses and industries. For night-time activities a southwest-facing plot is considered apt.
Plot Facing a Road: - The Plot Facing a Road in either of the direction or more than one direction has its own significance in Vaastu. A plot facing road on North and East is good for overall prosperity of the inmates. West road facing plot brings name and fame whereas a South road facing plot is ideal business setting.
Two-side Road Facing Plots: - Two-side road facing plots are good for overall prosperity in case of north & east roads. For east & south road facing plots, Vastu predicts, prosperity for the female inmates. South & west road facing and north & south roads facing plots are average in their effects whereas a plot facing roads on west & north is considered prosperous. Vastu house facing roads on three sides or located at the dead end of a road or facing a T-junction are considered weak plots. A plot facing roads on all sides is the best plot as per Vaastu Principles.
Thus after selection of a suitable plot in accordance with Vaastu, house plan and house design is finalized. The house plans are charted out in the Vastu Purusha Mandala with appropriate allocation of the rooms in each direction. To gather further information on Vastu design and most importantly the direction and construction of the main door or entrance door, visit our pages dedicated to each.