Vastu for Pooja Room

VASTU FOR PUJA ROOM Vastu for Puja room pronounces the direction of the Pooja room to be in the North, East or North East part of the house. Vastu Shastra recommends these directions for Puja room because of various effects the energy flow from these can have on the members of the household. Puja room should not be placed in the bedroom. And the idols of the Lord should be in the North East portion of the Pooja Griha. The idols' faces should not be covered by any garment, garland or even flowers. The idols should also not face each other and any broken idol or torn photograph should not be kept within the Puja room. The lamps or Diyas in the Pooja room are best placed in front of the Lord's idol.
Vastu Tips for Pooja RoomThe materials required for the Puja or the Puja Samigri should be kept in the South East direction. If some Idol or anything else from the Pooja room is removed for some reason, make sure you do not keep it within the house and ensure that it is duly Vserjit in a river. Ground floor is the favored place for the Pooja room and planning it in the basement is strictly prohibited.
Heavy furniture or idols and figures like that of Lord Ganesha should be avoided. The color of the room is advised to be white or light yellow or light blue and light yellow & white marble work for the floor. Sometimes it is not possible for a separate Pooja room due to paucity of space. In case the kitchen has a small Mandir, it is advised to keep it in the North East corner.
There should be a clear demarcation of the Puja room and it should not be used as a store. And even the additional furniture like the almiras and cupboards should be in same height as that of the placement of the idols. Photographs of ancestors are not advised to be kept in the Puja room. Also the toilet or bathroom should not share common wall with the Pooja room. For further information and Vastu Shastra Tips browse through this Vastu section on and get answers to all your Vastu related queries.