Vastu for Kitchen

Vastu for kitchen is one of the significant areas of the house where the balance of the right energies and direction has a major influence on the overall well being of the entire family. Kitchen is simply not a place where the meals are prepared; it is the heart of the house. A healthy kitchen indicates a happy family. There are many aspects that requires to be kept in mind while constructing your kitchen according to Vaastu. The balance of fire and water is most required in the kitchen. A vastu friendly kitchen will lead to the overall prosperity of the family. Let’s look at some of the important points to keep in mind while going for the kitchen Vastu.

strong>Location of the Kitchen: - According to Vastu, kitchen should be in the southeast portion of the house. The main entrance to the kitchen should be in the north, east or in the northeast direction. Also keep in mind that the door should open in a clockwise direction. The lady of the house while cooking should always face towards east. This will bring good health for the entire family. If by chance the lady faces west while cooking then there can be healthproblems for her. In the same way if they face south there can be financial difficulties for the entire family.

strong>Cooking Range and Water: - Cooking range is the most important thing in the kitchen and should always be placed in the southeast direction in the kitchen. Keep in mind that the stove is never visible from the outside. It can lead to digestion problems for the family members. Also it has to be kept in mind that taps and sinks should not be very close to the cooking range. Fire and water repeal each other. It's best to have the kitchen sink in the northeast direction. If there is a dishwasher in the kitchen then place it in the northwest side of the kitchen. The other water elements like drinking water should be placed in the northeast direction.

strong>Electrical Appliances in the Kitchen: - The different electrical appliances also need to find a right place in the kitchen according to Vaastu shastra. For example if the refrigerator is a part of the kitchen then place it in the southwest direction. Exhaust fans in the kitchen should always be put on the eastern walls in the southeast corner. Other electrical appliances like microwave can be put in the southeast corner.

strong>Storage: - Storage is also a very important aspect of the kitchens. If you have cabinets in the northeast side then use it for storing light things only. Have elaborate storage units that are built in to give a clean and tidy look to the kitchen. If your kitchen has overhead storage cupboards then avoid having them over the cooking range.

strong>Other Important Vaastu Kitchen Tips: - Here are some more quick Vastu kitchen tips for the health of your family.