Vastu for Bed Room

Vastu is one of the popular sciences today. Promising to make life better in homes, offices and even plots, Vastu plays an important role in shaping our world. Vastu works on bringing positive energy in each and every room of your house. Right from the living room to the bedroom, each room is decorated differently and having a different purpose. Therefore the Vastu of every room is different. 

In this section we talk about Vastu for bedroom and through some simple changes how we can improve our home world and life as well. Read through these simple but very useful bedroom tips and see positive energy flowing in your world. 

Bedroom Door: - Believe it or not, even the bedroom door is very important according to Vastu. The door acts like a symbol of all the opportunities and possibilities that the life has to offer you. Therefore it is very important that the door opens completely and doesn’t get restricted half way. A bedroom door that cannot open completely will limit your possibilities and you will only be getting half of what you truly deserve. 

Bedroom Furnishings And Decorations: - Since the bedroom is one of the most private places of the house, furnishings and decorations are very important as per the Vastu. As you enter the bedroom, have something positive like a painting, your favorite photograph or any piece of wall hanging to give a positive and welcoming feeling. Also the furniture of the bedroom should be in the same style and pattern. If that is not completely possible then at least maintain a uniformity of color. 

Placement of the Bed: - Bed is the most important thing in the bedroom. Even your wall colors should complement your bed and not make it look out of place. Selecting the right mattress is as important as the bed, so that you can sleep comfortably and not feel completely rotten when you get up. While placing a bed never have a mirror on the opposite wall, especially at the foot of your bed. This is sure to disturb your sleep giving you all types of stress. If there is a problem of space then cover the mirror with a cloth at night. Also if you have a slanting ceiling then don’t sleep directly under it. Put some wind chimes or bells to change this negative energy into positive one. 

Bedroom Lighting: - When it comes to lighting, we generally tend to ignore it completely. Most of the times, we go with the same bright lights that we use for the drawing room and dining room. But we forget, that we don’t really require such glaring lights in the bedroom. Have soft and dim lighting in the bedroom. This helps in maintaining a soothing feeling in the room, according to the Vastu. Have adjustable lights to give levels of comfort according to your choice. 

Sleeping In The Right Direction: - Sleeping in the right direction is very much important for your health and prosperity according to Vaastu shastra. It is always advised to sleep with your head to the south. This will welcome positive energy that comes from the north. Also avoid sleeping in direct alignment with any sharp corners in your room. The sharp corners in a bedroom act like a type of energy spears and add to the stress levels of the individuals. The best way to blend these sharp corners is by adding some plants in front of them. If possible, try to remove the alignment of the bed from that direction. 

So as you go about decorating your bedroom, keep these simple Vastu tips for the bedroom in mind and welcome positive energy all around you.