Vastu for Living/Drawing Room

Living room is always the center of the house and each one of us wants to decorate it in the best possible manner possible. But living room is not just about decor and style. It has to give a warm and comfort feel as well. Have you ever gone to houses that have a cold and inhabitable feeling to it. Well without going into too much of analysis we can definitely say that one reason being they are not Vaastu friendly. Vastu shastra ensures that every individual room of the house breathes comfort and warmth. In this section of Vastu for the living room or drawing room we would look into the different aspects of the this room and how with some simple modifications we can make them Vastu friendly.

Location of the Living Room: - Since the living room is always in the center of the house its location broadly depends on the direction in which the house faces. For a north or east-facing house, the living room can be on the northeast direction. Similarly for a west facing house the drawing room can be located on the northwest side. If the house faces the south then the living room can be on the southeast side. In the same way the living room can be in the central east, central west, central north or central south of a house.

Living Room Furniture: - Selection of furniture is very important for the living room. It is not only a matter of style and comfort but also about making it Vastu friendly. The most important furniture of the living room the sofa set can be put against the south or west walls. Other than these two directions they can even be put on the east sides without touching the walls. Also placing heavy indoor plants with small rocks and stones to give an attractive look can strengthen the southwest side. While arranging the furniture for the living room the most important thing to look into is there should not be any obstruction in the free movement in the room. Avoid cluttering the living room with unnecessary things. For center and side tables southeast corner is very beneficial according to Vastu shastra. Place a lamp in this direction giving a red or orange light. Also if possible, place the furniture in a way that the head of the family and other senior family members should face north or east while sitting and the guests should face west or south.

Fountains and Fish Aquariums: - The water element can do wonders for your living room according to vastu. The main water source for the room should be placed in the central north of the living room. For this you can have different types of fountains or even a fish tank. If you are going for an aquarium then have seven small fishes of one family and two fishes from another family. Even FengShui lays emphasis on the significance of the water element in the house.

Overhead Beams: - Exposed beams or girders can be very negative for the living room. It can lead to conflicts and discords in the family. To avoid this, try to conceal the beams and avoid sitting directly below these beams as well. Sitting below the beam can add to the stress level of the individual. One can even try putting a light on the beam to balance the energies.

Pictures and Paintings for Living Room: - The north wall is where the paintings and pictures in the living room should go up. Vastu suggests putting pictures of long distance waters to bring in the positive water element in the room. If you want to adorn the east wall then a painting of the rising sun will do nicely. The south and west walls of the living room can display mountains, animals or any other image that displays strength of any kind. At all times avoid paintings of death and violence.

Electronic Appliances: - Living room also contains many types of electronic appliances right from the entertainment system to your high tech television. The best place to put your tv or music system is on the east or north side. Other electric gadgets like the AC, room cooler can be on southeast corner of the room. Vastu shastra also suggests that fireplaces should always be on the southeast or northwest corners of the living room. If you are planning to have heavy chandeliers then put them on the southern and western part of the room and not exactly in the center of the room.

Living Room Wall Colors: - The living room wall colors should always be in pastel shades like blue, green, yellow, white etc. Avoid painting the walls in dark colors. However if you are fond of the color break concept then one small wall on the east or south can be in a darker shade. Let your rooms breathe of comfort and style.