How to Paint the Exterior

How to paint the exterior of a house:
This may be the most important painting (and preparation) you do and unless you have experience with painting you might want to consider leaving this for the pros, because if you make a mistake everybody will see it. Paint and preparation vary with the type of surface: wood, stucco, metal, masonry. Check with your paint store to ensure you've got the right products.
Painting exteriors can seem like an immense task. However, exterior painting is not as difficult as you might think, provided you know the right steps to speed the process along. Choosing exterior paints can be complicated because of the wide range of surfaces.
Chalking paint is not recommended for every house. In areas with little rainfall, for example, the powder tends to remain on the surface, dulling the paint. In wet regions, chalking paint may not be worth the extra expense because frequent rainfalls will keep the outside of the house clean no matter what kind of paint is used.
Painting exterior trim
Painting exterior trim means you're making progress and the job is winding down. Unfortunately, painting trim is a slow process that consumes a considerable amount of time, even if you apply the same color used on the siding. Diligence and patience in dealing with these details pays off. If done carefully and thoroughly, trim painting will keep your house looking fresh and protect it from the elements for a long time.
House paint color charts:
Coordinating house colors can be confusing. Most houses will use a palette with at least three different colors for siding, trim, and accents. Your local paint store or home supply store can give you sample color charts with suggested color combinations.
A paint sprayer can make the task of painting the exterior walls of your home easy. It will save time and money by covering your house with a smooth, even coating of paint. Learn techniques and some steps to take when painting with a sprayer.
First step to get started in this outdoor project is to prepare the surface to be painted. You'll need to mask off the glass in your house windows.
Second step is to get your paint sprayer ready for use by following the manufacturer's instructions. Then, get the exterior house paint ready for use. Use a five gallon bucket to mix up three gallons of paint at a time.
Also, be careful not to spray items you don't want painted when you are covering the corners of your house. And, make sure that you are standing about a foot or so away from the wall or other area you are painting. Standing too close can make the paint be applied to heavily too.
Last step is to immediately empty and clean out the paint sprayer according to the manufacturer's instructions. Then, use a brush and exterior paint to finish the trim on your house.

    15 Painting tips to paint
  1. Primer comes before paint.
  2. Paint like a pro.
  3. Create a sticky situation.
  4. One gallon at a time.
  5. Dry days make good painting days.
  6. Put your sandwich bags to work.
  7. Out with the old.
  8. Clean finish.
  9. Give the walls a sponge bath.
  10. Donít look back.
  11. Polka dots look good on fabricónot floors.
  12. Take away the shine.
  13. Turn in the brush.
  14. Spare the wall plates.
  15. Patience is a virtue.