Obama’s policies will send more jobs to India, China: Jindal

News Posted - 2010-02-11

Indian-Ame rican Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal has claimed that the Obama Administration’s policies on trade and healthcare will lead to additional spending and send more “good paying” jobs to countries like India and China.

“The President said he didn’t want us to fall behind countries like Brazil, China, India. But, I’ll tell you what, if they pursue card check and cap and trade and this massive health care bill and more government borrowing and more government taxes, we will be sending even more good paying American jobs to those countries,” Jindal told the Fox News.

His comments came as U.S. President Barack Obama said in his first State of the Union address on Thursday that he will slash tax breaks to American firms that move jobs abroad.

Jindal, a rising star of opposition Republican Party, claimed that Obama’s speech was filled with contradictions.

He said they seem to think “if they just talk enough about this - one of the longest State of the Unions in modern history since at least President Clinton’s time - American people will embrace higher taxes, higher deficit spending, more government programmes“.

“Firstly, he (Obama) talks about a freeze but he doesn’t get it to start until next year,” Jindal said. “He (Obama) says government doesn’t create jobs. Yet he wants government to spend tens of billions of dollars on this new jobs bill.”

The Governor underlined the need to “stop these bills because they’re going to raise taxes.”

Source: The Hindu 30/01/10