Australian Companies Eye Indian Realty

News Posted - 2010-03-04

Australia’s growing interest in Indian real estate and infrastructure was marked by the trade delegation of leading Australian infrastructure building and constructions companies that recently visited India under the auspices of Austrade, looking for partnerships in rapidly growing market.

Australian fi rms have signifi cant expertise in offering cutting-edge solutions, products, technologies and services for the infrastructure, building & construction industry that includes building materials, construction products, architectural and design services; construction engineering, project integration services; construction project management; technology for construction landscape and outdoor products; electrical and lighting products; windows, doors and glazing; green building and energy efficiency products and technologies that includes solar technologies, water saving technologies and systems, harnessing waste energy, water and waste recycling; building security systems and rapid building systems.

According to Peter Linford, Senior Trade Commissioner – South Asia, Australian Trade Commission, “Australia is also at the forefront of sustainable green building. Australian architects and engineers are playing a major role in helping to shape the sustainability credentials of the Commonwealth Games 2010 in New Delhi. Infrastructure and construction are the key drivers for management; sustainable design and developments; green buildings and construction of civil engineering projects around key infrastructure sectors that includes railways, roads; water and waste water, sports infrastructure, airports, etc and other residential, retail and commercial property development.