Property Mortgage Loan

PROPERTY MORTGAGE LOAN: Our easy mortgage loan can be availed based on the collateral security of any marketable property owned by the loan applicant for any purpose.
Rising real estate prices along with low mortgage rates is regarded as one of the best times for investments in the real property sector. Investment in real estate is one of the most favorable ones especially among the real estate investors as it acts like a vehicle that allows perpetual appreciation. This mainly occurs with the appreciation of the equity of the real estate property.
Depending upon the existing market conditions, the paid up value of the property and other factors, the value of the loan against property can be anywhere between 40-60 % of the property value. Cash in on your smart investments of the past and build a safe future. Take a property loan today and use it for any kind of requirement.
General Information of (PML): PML(Property Mortgage Loan) means Banks offer loan to the customers on the basis of any property which they own. Customers are required to pledge their property to the lender in order to take a loan against property. You can take loan against any property as long as its title is clear and there is a marketable value associated with it. It can be a residential property, commercial property, built-up property or even land.
These loans taken against property can be used for any purpose. Generally, people take these loans to:

You can get the loan for second time also in the time of second charge is created on the same property in favour of the lender.
In the time of fail to repay The bank may take action for the repossession of your property to recover its outstanding loan amount. To allow recovery of the loan amount, courts can order foreclosure (sale in the open market to recover dues) of your property. Once your property is foreclosed, you lose all the rights in your property.

DOCUMENTATION:All documents relating to the ownership of the property to be pledged is the common requirement for all categories of borrowers.
For salaried class people, following documents are required:

If you are self-employed, then following documents are needed: