Vastu for Staircase

Vastu verifies to locate staircase of the building in the South or West direction. Staircase is a heavy structure; hence it should be located in negative zones like the South or the West. The staircase in northern or eastern part of house may give adverse effects. The stairs should rise from the East to West or from the North to South. The staircase should not be in the center of the house. Avoid staircase in northeast direction also.

The main staircase of the building should be in the south, the west or south-west corner. It should never be in the north-east corner. A staircase in the northeast corner leads to loss of wealth; business comes to a standstill; the owner of the building faces bankruptcy. The staircase should rise from the east to the west or from the northern to the southern direction. The staircase should not be in the central square of the building.

No room should be built under the staircase. This place can however be used for storage. The staircase should always turn in the clockwise direction. Ideal size of the staircase steps is 6" high and 10" deep.Here are some Do’s and Don’ts for functional staircase.