Vastu for Bathroom

Vastu for bathroom is as important as any other room of the house. Most of us hardly spare a second thought when it comes to the bathrooms. But bathrooms can also be attractive and something to be proud of. After all it is one place where you can clean the body and relax yourself with scented oils, aromatherapy or even spa. It is a room of romance and comfort. With the modern definitions of bathrooms coming in, Vastu shastra plays an important role. Right from the direction for bathroom fittings to the suitable colors, everything plays an important role. In this section of Vastu for bathroom we will take a close look at the different elements to keep in mind while constructing the bathroom. Also we will touch on topics like where to place the geyser, bath tub etc. So let’s take a look at these vastu tips for bathroom and make it vastu friendly. 

Location of the Bathroom: - The east portion of the house is considered best for the construction of the bathroom. The soft rays from the morning sun are said to be very beneficial for health. Therefore it is always suggested that the bathroom has adequate windows to let in fresh air and light. Other than the eastern side, the north is also good for constructing bathrooms. Northwest sides are also good for bathrooms; however avoid constructing a bathroom in the northeast side of the house. If you are simply going for a toilet room then it should not be located on the southeast, southwest, or in the center of the building. Ideally speaking toilets should always face the south and not the east or west. The toilet should be on the west or the northwest side of the room with 1 or 2 feet above the ground. Also while constructing the bathroom one should keep in mind that there is a slight slope towards the northeast side. This is helpful in giving a direction to the drainage of water. If you are going for an attached bathroom it should always be on the west or the northwest side of the room. Never have an attached bathroom on the northeast side. 

Position of Bathroom Accessories: - As the location of the bathroom is important, so is the position in which thebathroom accessories are placed. For example the tap and shower should be towards the north side. This is also helpful, as the water should drain from the northeast side. The north side is also suitable for putting up the mirror. Similarly a geyser can be installed in the southeast side of the bathroom. If you are planning to have a bathtub then position it on the west, east or northeast sides with the head side facing the south. The door to the bathroom should never be on the southwest of the bathroom. Washing machines in the bathroom should be placed in the northwest or southeast portion of the bathroom. The bathroom sinks should be placed on the northeast, north or the east sides of the room. If there is an overhead tank then it should always be on the northwest side of the house. 

Colors of the Bathroom: - The bathroom colors should always be light. This helps in giving a fresh look to the bathroom. White, light blue and pale green are the best choice available. Avoid dark colors like black or dark red. Keep the bathroom shiny and clean. You can even add some plants to add a decor element in the bathroom. If you are going for tiles for the bathroom, then keep them in neutral shades. According to Vaastu, dark colors create a disturbing element. For a soothing and relaxing experience light colors are recommended. 

So give your bathroom a new and improved look with these simple Vastu tips for bathroom. : -