Vastu for Dining Room

Vastu for the dining room is as important as any other room of the house. After the kitchen, the dining room can be called the center of family health. With modern lifestyles, living room and dining room are being merged together. But then also there should be a clear demarcation between these two places and the Vastu for each of these places should be different. 

Location of Dining Room: - If we talk about the dining room then it should always be located on the west side of the house. The other good directions are the north and east sides of the home. Also one should keep in mind that the kitchen and the dining room should be on the same floor. The dining room should be adjacent to the kitchen from the left side. The entrance of the dining room should be on the east, north or on the west side of the room. Arches should never be there in the dining room. If your dining space is an individual room then the house’s main entrance should not face the dining room’s door. 

Dining Table: - Whether the dining table is the part of the modular kitchen or the dining room, Vastu guides that the table should always be square or rectangle. Most of us nowadays like to go for the stylish round or oval dining tables. But according to Vaastu shastra it should be avoided. Also the dining table should not be attached to the wall or fold from the wall. The placing of the chairs should be such that the head of the family should face east while eating. The rest of the family members can face east, north or west, but avoid facing south. Keep the number of dining chairs always even or there can be dispute in the family. 

Dining Room Furniture: - Dining room is one of the private rooms of the house. However while entertaining guests, dining room also plays an important role. Therefore having some simple yet modernfurniture in this room is not out of usual. Also while entertaining guests, post-meal conversations generally happen in the dining space only. So while going about selecting the furniture for this room keep the comfort level in mind. Let the people relax and enjoy the food. Your dining room will surely have the dining table placed according to Vastu. In addition to it you can also have acabinet or two for storage purpose. If you want to go for some additional chairs and sofas then they should not be too high or too low. Have some side tables as well. If your house has the living room and dining space merged together, then try to have a divider. According to Vaastu shastra dining room should be very comfortable. So a glass panel or curtainsgive a separate identity to this space as well. 

Dining room is a restricted area, where only some of your guests visit. Besides dining, post-meal conversation also takes place here. The furniture you choose for this room should be very comfortable enough to enjoy the food and relax. You can have a dining table and chairs, and a cabinet or two for storage. The chairs/sofas for seating should not be too high or low and the table should have the right height to offer more comfort. Many of the houses do not have a separate dining room and living room itself serves as dining room. If your living room is large enough, you can use a divider to allocate space for dining. 

Dining Room Accessories: - As the placement of dining table is important for the dining room, so is the placement of other things like fridge etc. if you have a sink in your dining room then it should be located in the northeast corner of the dining room. The other positions suggested by Vastu are the north or east sides of the room. Never have toilets attached to the dining room. Dining room is the place where the family sits down for a meal, so to stimulate appetite of all, paint the walls in the shades of pink or orange. The dining room can either be an independent room or be a continuation of the kitchen. if the dining room is in continuation of the living room then place the dining table towards the southeast direction only . If there is a fridge in the room then it should be placed in the southeast corner of the room, preferably against the south wall. Other electrical appliances like the microwave, radio/TV should be placed in the southeast direction of the room. 

Follow these simple Vastu tips for the dining room and welcome health and peace in your world forever.