Solar water heating

Solar water heating is water heated by the use of solar energy in India. Solar heating systems are generally composed of solar thermal collectors, a fluid system to move the heat from the collector to its point of usage. The system may use electricity for pumping the fluid, and have a reservoir or tank for heat storage and subsequent use. The systems may be used to heat water for a wide variety of uses, including home, business and industrial uses. Heating swimming pools, under floor heating or energy input for space heating or cooling.
In India the residential solar thermal installations can be subdivided into two kinds of systems: passive (sometimes called "compact") and active (sometimes called "pumped") systems. Both typically include an auxiliary energy source (electric heating element or connection to a gas or fuel oil central heating system) that is activated when the water in the tank falls below a minimum temperature setting such as 50°C. Hence, hot water is always available.

Designs suitable for hot climates can be much simpler and cheaper, and can be considered an appropriate technology.

Own solar heater and saving electricity
When you build your own solar water heater, you can actually reduce 30% of your electrical expenses every month.The year 2009 wants the common man to be more alert and have awareness about global warming and the need to save energy.First of all, you’ll have to learn how to make good use of the free energy from the sun which can be converted into free power and this gives you a lot of savings in your pocket every month.
With a very small investment, one can began with the very idea of generating power. Starting with solar water heaters is the best option as it costs very less and has long term benefits. By the time you reading this article, thousands of people are on the way installing those solar heaters at their home.