Pet Grooming tips

Taking pets out to a professional pet-grooming salon has been extremely popular in the US where you can find such parlors in almost all cities. The salons offer a wide range of services including shampooing, blow drying, hair cutting and styling, nail trimming, ear cleaning, massaging and perfuming with the average price ranging anywhere between $30 and $50. Depending on the breed size, the coat condition, the length and temperament of the pet, the bill can even inflate up to $150.But in India pet grooming is still a fairly new concept with only about four full-fledged pet grooming salons in New Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore that specialize primarily in dog grooming. In the US, both dogs and cats get to pay regular visits to salons, while in India it is mostly restricted to dogs, as cats lose out because of various superstitions associated with them.

Apart from setting up pet grooming parlors, there are many off shoots in this segment that can be explored. Setting up pet grooming training schools is one such opportunity. Such a school could have the possibility of attracting not only potential professional pet groomers, but also other pet lovers and owners who want to know how they can keep their pets healthy and well groomed.
Grooming it’s more than just a‘beauty session’ for your pet.Your pet's personal groomer can play an intricate part in their health and well being and they can provide YOU, the owner, with a field of valuable information in regard to regular grooming & maintenance. Along with your veterinarian, a groomer can be very helpful in discovering existing health and skin problems, and may be able to work with you in resolving some of them. A new puppy getting introduced into a new family, also needs to be introduced to the ’world of grooming’
The first basic rule of thumb is to start early. A puppy can have its first grooming around 3 months of age, just basically a ‘get acquainted’ visit, then another full grooming around 6 months. It’s a good idea to get them used to the routine of brushing, nail trims, etc…this will hopefully make everything so much easier as they get older. “Turn your pets’ bad hair day into a good hair day.