Paint recycling

There are many ways home that paint can be recycled. Most often, the highest quality of latex paint is sorted out and turned back into recycled paint that can be used. Recycled paint is environmentally preferable to new paint, while still maintaining comparable quality. In many cases, reusable paints of the same color are pumped into a tank where the material is mixed and tested. The paint is adjusted with additives and colorants as necessary. Finally, the paint is fine filtered and packaged for sale. If a local paint recycling program is available, you can recycle excess paint so that others can use it and it won't harm end up in landfills or waterways. Recycled paint is reprocessed or reblended and then resold.

Gather all the paint you no longer need. Identify a local paint-recycling center by contacting your county or city recycling coordinator or by searching "paint recycling” online. Inquire about which types of paints are accepted in the program Take your remaining paint to the recycling center or schedule a pick-up if the option is available in your area. Inquire about recycling your old steel paint cans; many recycling centers also recycle paint cans.