Faux painting

Faux painting or Faux finishing are terms used to describe a wide range of decorative painting techniques for the house, or flat . Faux painting involves many different techniques that combine paint and glaze using various tools to create finishes that imitate marble, stone, wood, and other textures, including raw silk in many apartments they are using faux painting only. Faux painting is closely similar to decorative painting, and both are understood by many as synonyms. Faux painting techniques are common. For example, combining faux painting with the application of crinkled tissue paper creates a charming old world feel. It is also an excellent way to disguise blemishes on the house wall.
The development of materials continued into the Renaissance, and began to include pigments derived from a variety of chemical substances. This era offers us some of the most spectacular frescos and trompe l'oeil masterpieces that mark the continual evolution of use of chemicals in Faux Painting.
Techniques of faux painting
Faux decorative painting techniques are often unobservable to the untrained eye. Stippling, Ragging and Stenciling are some of the most popular faux techniques used today in all the house, flats or apartments.
Interior painting ideas to bring your house walls and floor to life
Using faux finishing get started with decorative faux finishing and glazes. Use stippling, spattering, dragging, color washing and other creative techniques to create the look to your house. To add the color and character in the plain painted walls, even if you paint those in bright colors are sometimes just that--plain. Wallpaper will definitely add interest to a wall, but sometimes it can be just too busy. Well, there's another option to add some pizzazz to your house walls using regular paint and a few simple tricks that anyone can master. All it takes is a little patience and some practicing ahead of time. Faux painting, using techniques called sponging, ragging and washing can give your walls some colorful interest without being overwhelming. Here's how you can upgrade your house walls.
Using today's glazes, finishes, paints and techniques, a wide variety of designs, inlays, wood graining and faux finishes can be used to create "Designer Floors" of many special effects to the apartments. Painted Wood Floors can create any marble or exotic wood species, making your flats for truly a One-Of-A-Kind design and custom floor pattern.

    Materials needed are simple, easy to purchase. Necessary supplies
  1. latex paint colors
  2. tints and glazes of latex paint, color-mixed and thinned as needed
  3. non-marking, easy release painters tape
  4. paintbrushes (various sizes & quality)
  5. sponges (various textures)
  6. rags
  7. tape measure, string