Painting in Brief

Guide to House PaintsHouse painting jobs can involve a variety of house paints. Interior paints, exterior paints, oil-based paints and latex paints are just some of the many options available. Selecting the correct type of house paint is the crucial step in House painting. The look, protection required for various environmental conditions and the painting surface generally determines which type of paint and primer are necessary for each house painting task.
Before starting a project with house paints, items to consider include:

  1. Whether you need interior paints or exterior paints.
  2. Whether a project requires oil-based paints or latex paints.
  3. How to help your clients choose colors for house painting.
  4. How to store house paints.

Options for interior paints:- Interior paints come in two main types: water-based, also called latex paints, and oil-based paints, or alkyd, which work well on chalky surfaces and keep rust and other stains from seeping through. Latex paints are used more often because they are easier to apply and work well on most surfaces.

Options for exterior paints :- Exterior paints can be either oil-based paints or latex paints and are typically more expensive than interior paints.

Master the art of selecting house paint colors :- A wealth of color tools and resources are available to help you and your clients visualize, select and coordinate house painting colors.

Specialty and premium house paints :- For some clients, only the best, unique house paints will do. Fortunately, there's a growing number of specialty and premium interior paints to meet these needs.

Primers for house painting:- Before using interior paints, drywall and wood must be primed with either an oil-based or latex primer. Exterior paints also last longer and look better when primer is applied first.

Use proper storage of house paints:- Store any leftover house paints for future touch-ups carefully since improper storage can affect a paint's color and consistency.

Tips & Tactics :- Helpful advice for making the most of this Guide

PAINT COMPANIES IN INDIA:-Paint Companies in India bring to you a wide range of paints, varnishes, pigments and coatings for the perfect finishes for the home interior and exteriors décor and beautification. The paints industry in India has flourished into a full-fledged manufacturing and sale market catering to the international standards being demanded for the painting jobs. The top paints manufacturers and painting companies like Asian Paints India, Nerolac India Paints, Berger, Dulux India Paints, Shalimar Paints, Rainbow Paints, Indian Paint Industries, Vikrant Industries, Classic Paints etc.. also provide an online visual gallery and shade cards citing all the available colors and paints products.
While choosing paint for your home or office, check if the paint is:

Painting is a vital ingredient in any décor. Different surfaces require different kinds of products. The surfaces may vary from walls - interior, exterior and textured to wood and glass surfaces, metals, faux finishes, doors and handles to cars and special decorative paints for bedrooms and kids rooms and many such special requirements. The India paints companies have given many products to suit each individual need. You can get all varieties of plastic paint, acrylic paint, primers, emulsions, latex paints etc. in a wide spectrum of colors to choose from.
Selection of home and office paint goes far beyond just the matching or desired color. The texture and quality of the paint applied is what matters the most for the perfect finish you are looking for. Some of the common problems one might face with the painting jobs done on their surrounding surfaces are blistering, cracking or flaking, blocking, sagging, yellowing, fading or surfactant leaching.
Types of Paints in India:-The type of paints available in the market and their utility is:

Besides these home decorating and improvement paints and office paint you can also get industrial paints, aircraft paint, airplane paint, aviation paint and many other paint products with the paint shops in India. The paint companies in India house a wide range of paint products that cater to all your needs. A whole spectrum of colors with your own textured options and application patterns are available with the paint companies. Each company has its own specialized product and some also offer home paint services. The cost of a painting job may vary with the paint chosen - acrylic, emulsion, primer etc., the paint tools being used and the painting company hired.

A comprehensive list of the paint companies in India has been mentioned below. You can also get info on the top paint companies like Nerolac, Asian paints, Berger, Dulux, Shalimar etc.

Top Paint Companies in India: - Asian Paints (India) Ltd. It is one of the largest paint companies in India and is known nationwide for an extensive array of decorative paints, automobile OEMs and refinishes, wood finishes, marine and industrial coatings. Phone: +91-22-5695 8000, Fax: +91-22-56958888, Website:

Largest Paint Manufacturers in India: - Berger Paints India Limited, Headquartered in Kolkata, it is the largest paint manufacturer in India with a strong distribution network and a spectrum of decorative paint products. Address: Berger House 129, Park Street, Kolkota. :Berger House 129 Park Street, Kolkata-700017, Phone: +91-33-22299724, 22296005/6/16, Website: