Marble flooring

Flooring in India
Flooring goes a long way in giving a neat look to your sweet home. Besides majestic POP and decorative items, the home should have a great flooring too. The shimmering floors add spice to the decor of the house. The decor of your home finds a new expression with the choice of appropriate flooring materials blending well with its interior architecture. Hence, always use the right kind of flooring to give your home an enhanced look. Marble Flooring in India is popular for both interior and exterior flooring applications. The ideal places for using marble flooring and marble floors materials are the bathrooms, entrance pathways, fireplaces, living and dining areas etc. Marble flooring materials are available as blocks, slabs and tiles in India with a color range of white, black, blue, brown, green, red and pink marble to choose from.
Marble type of Flooring
It is basically most of the home using marble type of materials to be used as flooring in living rooms, bed rooms, kitchens or bathrooms during the period of construction. After the construction is over, you may take the advice of interior decorators to select appropriate floor coverings, such as carpets, rugs or mattresses etc. in sync with the décor of your home.
Flooring for Kitchens and Bathrooms
The most popular in India are Tile flooring and Marble flooring. For bathrooms and kitchens, tile flooring seems to be the most suitable whilst it may also be used for other portions of your house. Ceramic marble tiles are the most preferred flooring materials for bathroom walls and floors.
Flooring for Bedrooms and Living Rooms
Marble flooring, on the other hand, gives your home a chic look and can be used for living rooms, bedrooms and foyers. Other types of flooring are also getting popularized in the country. Proper flooring gives a neat and finished look and makes it easy for you to clean and maintain your house. The architectural design of your home must contain detailed floor plans so that installation of flooring should be done along with the construction process. The color and design of tiles should match the color of walls and ceilings. In fact, the perfect symmetry in the design, style and color of walls, floors and ceilings is extremely important to enhance the décor of your home.
Marble Inlay Flooring
Marble Flooring in India is popular in the form of Marble inlay flooring tiles, blocks and slabs. The marble flooring price for inlaid artistic patterns depends on the intricacy of the design and the color of the stone as well. Since marble is a metamorphous rock and the impurities in the natural structuring of the rock decides its variety and colors, the price are largely dependent on the color and also the size of the slab.