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Granite The other most well- known category at our site is of Granite. Here the largest offered variety of granite may amaze your home. There are different types of granite is systematically arranged into different categories such as Granite Tiles, Granite Slabs, Granite Blocks, Brown Granite, Grey Granite, Gold Granite, Pink Granite, Rose Granite, Green Granite.
Marble: - Marble is a metamorphic rock resulting from regional or, rarely, contact metamorphism of sedimentary carbonate rocks (either limestone or dolomite rock) or metamorphism of older marble. This metamorphic process causes a complete recrystallization of the original rock into an interlocking mosaic of calcite, aragonite and/or dolomite crystals. The temperatures and pressures necessary to form marble usually destroy any fossils and sedimentary textures present in the original rock.
Pure white marble is the result of metamorphism of very pure limestones. The characteristic swirls and veins of many colored marble varieties are usually due to various mineral impurities such as clay, silt, sand, iron oxides, or chert which were originally present as grains or layers in the limestone. Green coloration is often due to serpentine resulting from originally high magnesium limestone or dolostone with silica impurities. These various impurities have been mobilized and recrystallized by the intense pressure and heat of the metamorphism.
Tiles :- Home is a sweet experience that we often cherish in our memories. The lovely and dear some picture of our home keeps us returning to its warm interiors whenever we are away from home. Tiles make your home a really memorable experience with its lovely shades, picturesque patterns and protective compactness.

Marble flooring
Flooring in India
Flooring goes a long way in giving a neat look to your sweet home. Besides majestic POP and decorative items, the home should have a great flooring too. The shimmering floors add spice to the decor of the house. .....
Granite flooring & Wall
Granite Floor Tiles
Granite is very strong and durable stone. It takes good polish, It is composed chiefly of quartz and feldspar mixed with particles of mica. The color depends upon the predominating constituent of feldspar. It i .....