Fire Proofing Materials

Fire Prevention is a function of many fire departments. The goal of fire prevention is to educate the public to take precautions to prevent fires, and be educated about surviving them. It is a proactive method of reducing emergencies and the damage caused by them. Many fire departments have a Fire Prevention Officer.
The following information can help you to prevent the fire

Fire-resistant Cables and Wirings: - There are new types of cables that can withstand and resist heat, specifically those that are made from silicone. You can buy silicone control cables that can be used to cover and wrap the usual cables. This is good for computer cables, television sets, refrigerator and other appliances that are used and left unattended all throughout the day. Aside from making all the wiring organized, you will be confident that they will be safe from contacting, triggering and spreading fire.
Fireproof Paints: - Fireproofing paints of effective quality are prepared in different ways. Naturally no oily or greasy substances enter into their composition, the blending agent being simply.
Fireproof board: - Vermiculite Fireproof board is the best in the world refractory’s - expansion of vermiculite as the main raw material, heated to high temperatures to 1,300 degrees Celsius after no harm to human health of gas, smoke-free, non-toxic, tasteless, a class A Fireproof board. 38mm thick vermiculite fire-side temperature heated to 1,200 degrees Celsius, the other side of the average temperature remained at 81 degrees. Vermiculite fire by China's national board and fire extinguishing system components for Quality Supervision and Inspection Centre, burning three hours after the seizure, no loss of integrity; fire back of the highest average temperature rise to 137.1 degrees, not the loss of insulation. Vermiculite Fireproof board main characteristics: environmental protection, noise, warmth, fireproof, light weight. Been widely applied to foreign construction, shipbuilding, metallurgy, electric power, aerospace and other fields, in the specific application: 1, fireproof door Core 2, the High kitchenware, furniture, 3, the hull plate, 4, fire access, ventilation systems; 5, the commercial banks, libraries, hotels, restaurants, entertainment venues, and senior housing, ordinary residential houses, etc.; 6, furnace insulation; 7, fireplace; 8: insulation materials for industrial use.
DH-Plaster :- DH-Plaster is a vermiculite based coating & it contains other inorganic materials, it is formulated to provide passive fire protection to elements of building construction.
Safes are the most common fire damage prevention tool aside from smoke detectors, sprinklers and fire extinguishers. Safes that can range from personal to firearms safes can keep your most valuable possessions undamaged during a fire. Most safes are also anti-burglar so with two purposes, safes are good investments.
Fire-Resistant Pans and other Fire-Resistant Kitchen Utensils-Kitchen is considered the most probable place for fire incidents because this is where many electrical appliances are used. To top it, cooking takes place here where a lot of fire is involved.
Grease and fat can easily catch fire easily. Hence, it is a good idea if your pans are fire-resistant like the thermostat controlled fryers. Fire resistant pans may be a little more costly but it is a good investment when you think of fire damages.
Check also if your kitchen appliances like stoves conventional and microwave ovens are tested and certified fire safe by authorized agents. Make sure that the canisters or other plates are microwave and dishwashing safe. These items can withstand heat without breaking which can sometimes instigate fire.
Fire-resistant Fabrics this product is quite costly, investing in fire-resistant fabrics is a smart decision. The usual fabrics found in our kitchen, living room, bathroom and practically all areas in our home can easily catch fire. With this in mind, we should go for draperies and curtains made from fire-resistant fabrics. This is a good choice especially in the kitchen where there is a greater chance of contacting fire through fabrics in pot holders and kitchen towels.
Fire-resistant Plants Gardens should also be fireproofed, by cutting dead leaves, branches and wood. Do this with your indoor plants too. Keep in mind that dry leaves and wood can catch flame easily than those that are still healthy. Furthermore, grow plants that are known to resist fire than other types of plants. These plants usually have thicker barks and can hold moisture for longer. Examples of fire-resistant plants are grasses, flowering plants like African daisy and Lavender and trees and shrubs like Birch, Oak, Cherry, Lilac and Jasmine. These products, however, can significantly minimize incidents of fire, as well as fire damages when flame starts. Likewise, they can prevent fire particularly from those caused by carelessness. Using these products can complement other anti-fire prevention measures that you already utilize at home. You just need to do a round at your home and check which items should be replaced by fire-resistant products. Fire resistant products can be bought in physical stores or at online stores. It is better to make a quick search on the internet first to save time on comparing prices. Before, only offices and buildings can afford such items but as more manufacturers noticed the need for fire resistant products, these items became readily available and more affordable for home use. After all, the initial cash outlay for these products is definitely less compared to what you are going to lose if fire happens.