Architectural design competition

What is Architectural design competition?An architectural design competition is a special type of competition in which an organization or government body that plans to build a new building asks for architects to submit a proposed design for a building. The winning design is usually chosen by an independent panel of design professionals and stakeholders. This procedure is often used to generate new ideas for the building design, to stimulate public debate, to generate publicity for the project and allow emerging designers the opportunity of gaining exposure. Architecture competitions are often used for public buildings in Denmark, Switzerland and Germany, while in France design competitions are compulsory for all public buildings exceeding a certain cost
This competition is 2500 year old. In 1419 a competition was held to design the dome of the Florence Cathedral, which was won by Filippo Brunelleschi.

Benefit of to Participate of Architecture competition The competition is open to all designers and architects in practice ten years or less (including design students), and the winner will receive $10,000 to help make his or her idea a reality.Design competitions are will not ensure quality design but will prompt a display of inspiring coseptual alternatives to the briefQuality design outcome will only be achieved by the success full contestants design ability and more importantly his/her coordination skills throughout the ongoing design documentation process.Putting together a team of architects and consultants who can provide an extremely high level of proactive input, awareness, communication skills and an ability to accommodation each other and more importantly the clients needs/vision