Least impact on Indian workers

News Posted - 2009-12-02

It's almost four days now after the Dubai crisis and fears have been raised about the job situation of Indians in Dubai, who comprise more than 42% of the population of Dubai. Lakhs of workers from India are employed in realty and other sectors in Dubai and other West Asian cities.
With reports of the fate of thousands of westerners employed by companies in Dubai hanging in balance, Indian employees seems to be not much impacted. Consulting firms in India also don't expect major impact on jobs. HR consulting firms, with whom FE spoke, states they have not received any query of candidates wanting to move out of Dubai. On the contrary, this crisis will increase the demand for Indian expats there. ABC Consultant CEO Shiv Agrawal said, "Dubai is completely dependent on expats, and with the real estate crashing western expats (from the UK, Europe, the US) will be facing the heat now."
Salaries of the western expats are almost 50% more than Indian or Pakistani expat in Dubai at the top level position. "This will however dip with the real estate crash and companies will start letting go the western expats," Agrawal adds. Salaries are expected to remain flat, but companies will also try to fill up vacancies by hiring candidates at slightly lower package. A few jobs could be in trouble, but the overall scenario does not seem to be much impacted, say experts. CHR Global HR Consultancy MD Tapash Sengupta said the top level jobs will remain as it is. But, middle-level jobs will be slightly effected.