PVNR Expressway charge toll tax from Oct 2010

News Posted - 2010-06-06

HYDERABAD: The land route to Rajiv Gandhi International Airport is to become a costlier proposition from this October. Grappling with a huge financial crisis, the state government has directed the revenue generating agencies to come up with new ways and means of raising funds, and levying a toll tax on PV Narasimha Rao Expressway and Outer Ring Road is going to be one of them. Incidentally even during the life time of Y S Rajasekhara Reddy, bureaucrats had mooted the toll tax proposal. But YSR had shot it down saying it was not a wise idea to have toll tax for travelling within the city.

Constructed and maintained by the Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority (HMDA), the 11.46 km PVNR Expressway became operational in October last year and has greatly reduced the travel time by road from the city to the international airport at Shamshabad. With almost 2,500 vehicles taking the elevated expressway to the airport and Bangalore everyday, the authorities have decided that levying a toll tax for creating such a facility is “in order”.

“We will be introducing toll tax on the PV Narasimha Rao Expressway from October 2010 onwards and are in the process of finalising the rates,” HMDA commissioner B P Acharya told TOI. The toll tax is being finalised in consultation with the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) since they already operate toll collection points across the country, an official said.

Sources said the toll tax will be charged per km. Since the ramps to the expressway are not yet ready, there are only two entry-exit points at present, one near Sarojini Devi Eye Hospital and the other at Arambagh crossroads. Once the ramps are ready, toll collection points will be set up there as well.

According to sources, the toll tax rate could be a minimum of Rs 2 per km and could be higher. Thus, starting this October, vehicles plying on the expressway will end up paying around Rs 25-40 for each ride. Since autos and two-wheelers are banned on the expressway, the toll levied will be a flat one for passenger and commercial vehicles, the sources added.

The toll collection will be of three types- manual, touch and go and non-stop electronic ‘on board unit card.’ “Since most of the users of the PVNR Expressway are regulars, the electronic cards or smart cards will come in handy as the amount will be deducted at the entry point automatically and displayed on electronic boards and will not disturb the flow of movement of the vehicle,” an official said.

The users can charge the smart cards by paying a certain sum. “And every time the vehicle crosses the entry point on either side of the expressway, the amount deducted as well as the balance on the card will be displayed,” the sources said. The manual options include payment to an authorised collector at every entry point.

Source: TOI 4/6/10