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Did you know that there are over 30 companies of repute in India that can give you a Home Loan?

There is a wide variation in Interest rates charged if one were to closely analyze the total costs of the loan. For example, most companies charge interest on an annual reducing balance. This could be a very expensive loan for a short tenure compared to a company charging the same interest on a monthly rest basis. For e.g a 14% p.a, annual rest, loan is equivalent to a 21% p.a, monthly rest, loan for the same tenure of 5 years! One time costs in the form of processing fee, administrative fee, annual charges, commitment fees etc. further add to the cost of the loan so there is no point just comparing the monthly repayment installments.

We got a group of reputed financial consultants in the Home Finance Industry understand and capture the total cost of the loan given by each finance company. The site can then help you find the cheapest loan option including all processing, administration charges. The Post Tax Effective Interest Rate is a single variable that captures all costs and can be used to find the cheapest loan. Further, the site has an EMI calculator and a Tax Planning Tool. These tools are described in greater detail in the section on Home Loan Tools where we help you get the Home Loan with the lowest possible TOTAL COST

The site tries to match your personal profile, income levels and needs for financing with the restrictions, costs and customer profile requirements of the Housing Finance Company. In order to do this effectively, the site will prompt you for inputs on your earning capacity, your assets and your profile. This information is not stored on the site but will be immediately deleted from memory when you log out. We can forward on your behalf, a letter of interest to the Finance Company of your choice so that they may arrange to serve you.

Although we endeavors to keep all information current, you must re-check the terms of borrowing, with the Lender before you actually take a loan.